Welcome to my page Below are the 3 songs that we had to researched about their connection towards the African American music. The first song is a song from anywhere and anytime. The second song is a song from the year of 1974 or earlier. And the last song is a song from a non-Speaking-English-Language country. Below each song are each of their tittle, the artist/s/musicians, the date of publication, the genre, the lyric, and the connection to the African American music.

First Song (anywhere, anytime):
external image tynisha1409.jpg

Tittle: I Wished You Loved Me
Artist: Tynisha Keli
Date of Publication: 2007
Genre: R&B, Pop

This song was released on 2008 under the Even If It Takes Forever album. This song related with the African music by the using her voice to express her feeling. There is also some call-and response in her songs.

Second Song (1971 or earlier)
external image jimi%20hendrix%20fire.jpg

: Fire
Artist/s/musicians: Jimi Hendrix
Date of Publication: 1967
Genre: rock

This song was released in the year of 1967 under the Are You Experience album. This song and the African songs related by the call-and-response that this song have a couple of times, and there is also a bluesy feeling in the song because of the guitar that is played.

Last Song (non-English-Language Country):


Houki Boshi
Artist/s/musicians: Younha
Date of Publication: 2005
Genre: J-Pop

Houki Boshi or ほうき星 Hōkiboshi, stands for "comet" (in Japanese). This song was released under the Go! Younha album in 2005. Younha, the singer for this song, telling a story about her wanting to be a comet so that she could could stand beside her loved one that she had been longing for. Like the African music, Younha also express her feelings and emotions with her voice; and the song that she is singing have a deeper meaning than it seems.