In 1865 they made laws known as “Black Codes” which made life very hard for African Americans especially men. Some of those laws stated that a if a black wanted to start a business, then licenses would cost from 10$ to 100$, which was a lot of money back there. And also stated that children from the ages of 2 to 21 could be apprentices or “servants” to white people. The Black Codes kept African Americans from loitering, using alcohol, firearms, hunting, fishing, and graze livestock. On the positive hand though they were allowed to marry legally, take part in contracts, purchase property, sue or be sued and testify in court.

Relate to Liberty and Equality:
This relates to liberty and equality because it gives people the right to live their own lives but to a certain extent. The African Americans however had a limit to their equality and liberty, they could not use alcohol, firearms, hunting, fishing, and graze livestock. But I still don’t think its equality but it is somewhat liberty this is I guess you can say “an upgrade” from slavery it might be considered as liberty and equality back then but I personally cant find anything that is truly equal or liberal about this law since the only thing they can do is live. This is the link to our commercial.