to our page, in the upcoming page you will read about African American education. You can also watch a commercial featuring more information, that was made for this Project. ~PS. The number in the commercial is a false number.~

Before 1954 and the decision made in Brown vs. The Board of Education, black people weren’t allowed to go to the same colleges or schools as whites. Later the decision made in Brown vs. The Board of Education allowed blacks and whites to go to the same schools and colleges for education. Before that decision there became several colleges specially made for them, so that they could receive the same opportunities and receive degrees so they could be looked at like equals in the work force. The first black college was Lincoln University founded in 1854, founded under the name Ashman Institute, after that there were over 100 other founded African American colleges, most of which are still colleges today with an integrated student body. There are now 105 Black colleges in the U.S.A all because of the brown vs. Boards hard struggle.

Relating to liberty and equality:
White people didn’t allow black people to go to the same schools, along with many other institutions such as bathroom facilities, drinking from the same water fountains, and eating in the same restaurants, neglected education for blacks. They were also declined their fair right to an equal education, therefore they were denied the liberty of education.
Their equality was determined by the color of skin, however a black person’s mind is just as good as a white person when they are both given equal amounts of effort and quality of education as the other students (black or white). Black people should have the liberty to go to the same schools, to go to the same bathrooms and drink from the same water fountain as everyone else. Black people were not given the liberty to do so until 1954, when in all honesty black people and white people should have been on the same level earlier. Because of their learning abilities black people should have gotten their equal right of education and their liberty to a good education sooner to prove that they are in fact equal.To see the commercial click here.