On this Wikispace page you'll find three songs One is a Blues song. It is rich in African American history because African Americans often wrote the Blues. Another is a jazz song from Africa. Its theme is similar to that of ancient African folktales. The third song is from the Rolling Stones, who were heavily influenced African Americans.

Song #1: Anytime-Anywhere

Song Title: Sweet Black Angel
Song Musician(s): the Rolling Stones
Date: 1972
Genre: Rock n Roll
Synopsis: A man falls in love with a black woman
Conection to AA History: The Rolling Stones were so influnced by African American music that they used a black band for their opening act.

Song #2: 1974 or earlier

Song Title: Rollin' And Tumblin'
Song Musician: Muddy Waters
Date: 1950
Genre: Blues
Synopsis: A mans travels
Conection to AA History: African Americans were discrinated against during the Blues era and their music reflected their feelings.

Song #3: Non-English Speaking Country

Song Title: Old Man
Song Musicians: Youssou N'dour
Date: 1994
Genre: Jazz
Synopsis: A man and his son are misjudged
Conection to AA History: The song is sung in a African