The purpose of wiki space is to demonstrate music from African American history. I will list three songs that are related to African American history. One song can be from anywhere and anytime another can be from 1974 or earlier and the last song can be from any non English speaking country. These songs will be from different types of genre, artists, and from around the world.

(Below are the three songs i listed)

Song from anywhere and anytime:

Artist(s): Keyshia Cole
Song: "Heaven Sent"
Genre: "R&B"
Date of production: March 2008
Synopsis: This song was written a sung by a African American lady. Her song is about i think her talking about how her heart cant take no more non sense just about love. She wants her boyfriend to believe in her to basically treat her like an angel. This song is based on African American history because she is African American and the beat of this song is similar to blues because the background you can hear an instrument (i don't know what it's called) that is similar to the blues.


Song from before i was born (1994) song from 1957:

Artist(s): Tito Puente
Song: Obatalá Yeza
Genre: Latin
Date of production: 1957

Song from non_Speaking English Country:

Artist(s): Tito El Bambino
Song: "La Busco"
Genre: Reggaeton
Date of production: 2008
Synopsis: This song is related to African American history because the beat in the background is related to the blues and also all the instruments too. I can hear the drums and that is similar in a way. Also the song is talking about how he is trying to find someone and they won't let him so he's looking in the day time and the night time. Also i think that all the beats together makes a good combination and that from my opinion that they are all similar to the blues and to African American history.