The purpose of this wiki space is to demonstrate how African music has an impact on the music we hear all around the world. I will demonstrate this by using three songs with African based instruments and rhythm. One song I will be using is from America today, a song from 1974 or earlier and the last song will be from a non English-speaking country.
Song: I Know
Artist: Jay-Z ft. Pharell
Album: American Gangster
Genre: Rap
Year: 2007
Synopsis: This tune is closely related to African American music because of the rhythmic make up of the song. If you closely listen to this song you can hear what sounds like African drums. Also it sounds as if a xylophone is also being played to make up the rhythm of the song. Claves are also heard throughout the song.

Song: Soul Rebel
Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Album: Soul Rebels
Genre: Reggae
Year: 1970
Synopsis:The rhythmic make up of the song causes it to be closely related to African American music. When listening to this tune we also hear all sorts of African instruments. We can hear little African drums in the 1970 song by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Maracas are present in most of the song and a Kalimba.