The 9th Cavalry was the first and most well known regiment that allowed African Americans in its ranks. However, African Americans were not allowed, at first, to be commanding officers. One white man was assigned to each regiment to be commander. The regiment was started in 1860, but is most well known for its role in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The “Buffalo Soldiers” as they were known, are most famous for assisting in driving the Native Americans westward.
The 9th cavalry is also known as the first African American regiment to have ever served as a president’s personal escort. On May 3, 1903 the 9th was designated as his Honor Guard escort on a trip to Presidio. During World War I, the 9th regiment was scattered across the western United States where they served as Park Rangers, or patrolled the Mexican border.

Relate to Liberty and Equality:
The 9th regiment is a prime example of both equality, and inequality for it was the first regiment to allow African Americans to join its ranks. Its also represents inequality seeing as how they were not allowed to join any other regiment at first, and were not allowed to ascend to the rank of commanding officers. However, it was a first when this regiment escorted Theodore Roosevelt as his honor guard.
The 9th regiment is also a great example of liberty, because these men fought for their right to serve their country. Even though at first they were denied the right to enlist, they later were granted said right. African Americans are Americans and through fighting for their country, they proved that they love America, and wanted to defend it as much as any other race. And this is the link to our commercial.