Introduction: I would like to thank you for viewing my page on Ethnomusicology. This page will give you a taste of three different songs and how they relate to African American cultures and traditions. If you're not quite sure what ethnomusicology is, the definition is the study of various types of music in relation to their geographic, racial, and cultural context. Thank you and enjoy!

Song: What Goes Around... Comes Around
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Genre: Pop
Written, Recorded, and Published: 2006
Synopsis: Justin Timberlake's single, What Goes Around... Comes Around is filled with different instruments and different backgrounds. This relates to African American music and cultures because it has more than one theme to it. The introduction to the song has a relaxing slow paced beat that grabs the listener's attention and the rest of the song has a somewhat faster pace to keep the audience interested. Noticeable instruments in this song are drums, piano, and guitar. I'm not sure about the piano but I know drums and instruments with strings are extremely common in African tribes which is why this song may seem similar to African cultures.


Song: What Is and What Should Never Be
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Genre: Classic Rock
Written, Recorded and Published:1969
Synopsis: Led Zeppelin's infamous single, What Is and What Should Never Be is a great compilation of drums, keyboard, and guitar. The song has a technological theme that sounds futuristic and like nothing anyone has ever heard before. One similarity to African American music would be the on and off stages in the song. The song will be playing and then all of a sudden it will just stop and start over again as if it is a whole new song. This gives the artist a chance to change the lyrics around and to tell a whole new story.


Song: I Got You (I Feel Good)
Artist: James Brown
Genre: R&B / Soul
Written, Recorded, and Published: 1965
Synopsis: The single, I Got You (I Feel Good) is possibly the most popular James Brown song to date. The song has turned out to be Brown's signature sound and has brought him fame and fortune. Instruments noted in the song are the trumpet, saxophone, organ, guitar, bass, and the drums. This particular single relates to African American music because it has a positive attitude which is similar to the songs used in other countries. Instead of writing about sex, drugs, money, or violence, the song is about feeling inspired and happy to be around. This spreads a positive attitude to the singer and also the listener.